Friday, March 1, 2019

     7:00-9:00 pm      Dr. Deborah MacNamara – Evening Address
The Secrets of the Table: Returning Joy to the Feeding of Others

Saturday, March 2, 2019

8:00-9:00 am Registration
9:00-10:15 am Dr. Gordon Neufeld – Opening Address
Press Pause and Play: Is This the Answer for Us All?
10:15-10:35 am Morning Break (20 minutes)
10:35-11:50 am Sessions A
11:25 am-12:45 pm Lunch
Independently, or you may pre-order an optional  lunch for $22
1:00-2:15 pm Sessions B
2:15-2:30 pm Afternoon Break (15 minutes)
2:30-3:45 pm Sessions C
3:45-3:55 pm Transition to Final Address
No refreshments available at this time. Book and DVD sales closed.
3:55-4:30 pm Door Prizes
Dr. Gordon Neufeld – Final Address


Saturday Session Detail

SESSIONS A — 10:35 am to 11:50 am
A1 – Play and Learning Presentation Gordon Neufeld
A2 – Making Sense of Resilience Presentation Heather Ferguson
A3 – Making Sense of Sensitivity in Children Presentation Patti Drobot
A4 – You’re Not the Boss of Me: Understanding Defiance and Cultivating Cooperation Presentation Colleen Drobot
A5 – Special Challenges in Working with Adolescents from an Attachment-Based Perspective Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske
A6 – Play and the Brain Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi
A7 – Playful Outlets for Difficult Emotions Presentation Jule Epp
A8 – Keeping Play Alive in Adolescence Presentation Robin Brooks-Sherriff,
Jodi Bergman
SESSIONS B — 1:00-pm to 2:15 pm
B1 – Marriage and Play  Presentation Gordon Neufeld
B2 – Making Sense of Emotional Defense Presentation Deborah MacNamara
B3 – Making Sense of Anxiety in Children Presentation Patti Drobot
B4 – Play and the Alpha-Dependent Dance Presentation Genevieve Schreier
B5 – Softening the Heart of the Adolescent Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske
B6 – Preserving Play in a Digital World Presentation Tamara Strijack
B7 – Play and the Hypersensitive Child Presentation Jule Epp
B8 – Play and Emotion with the Transplanted Child Presentation Geneviève Brabant
B9 – Incorporating the Neufeld Approach into Therapeutic Practice Presentation Terry Warburton,
Marla Kolomaya
SESSIONS C — 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
C1 – Making Sense of Aggression  Presentation Denise Findlay
C2 – Why Do Young Kids Do That? Presentation Deborah MacNamara
C3 – Bringing the Neufeld Approach into Schools Presentation David McFall,
Marla Kolomaya
C4 – Softening Defenses: Helping Children Face Vulnerability and Gain Resilience Presentation Colleen Drobot
C5 – Creating a Culture of Play in Families Presentation Jodi Bergman
C6 – Playful Facilitating Presentation Tamara Strijack
C7 – Facilitating Expression Through Play Presentation Hannah Beach
C8 – Playful Discipline Presentation Geneviève Brabant
C9 – Home Education: Rest, Play, Learn Presentation Jennifer Gehman