If representing an agency, school board or religious organization seeking information on how to get your own people equipped as well as supported to deliver a specific course, please contact our office for details.

Only those listed on our website have been authorized to facilitate our courses in any format other than non-commercial study groups. We provide study-group support for a limited number of our courses through the Support Centre on Campus.

Facilitating Courses as a Neufeld Course Facilitator

Until 2019, listing as a course facilitator was via a two-year facilitator training program that has since been retired. Most of our currently listed course facilitators have graduated from this program, or from equivalent programs in other languages.

Leading Study Groups for Designated Courses

We have created special sharing versions of some of our English courses (see list below) and offer equipping and support through our Campus Support Centre for this endeavour. This support is intended for sharing the course material in a noncommercial study-group format, that is, as a labour of love by enthusiastic students, not as a way of making money. Support Centre membership is required to lead a study group.

Please note:

  • Our permission to lead study groups for designated courses does not extend to promoting or running study groups publicly online.
  • Our permission to lead study groups does not extend to bilingual students who would be operating in the sphere of any of our non-English language programs, even if they are offering the study group in English. Interested bilingual students need to consult with the appropriate language director for their own specific protocols as well as for permissions to participate in the Support Centre equipping for leading study groups in English.

Study group support is provided (or is being developed) for the following six designated courses:
Power to Parent I – The Vital Connection
Power to Parent II – Helping Children Grow Up
Power to Parent III – Common Challenges
Alpha Children
Keeping Children Safe in a Wounding World
The Natural Roots of Empathy