Children’s Book List – 2021

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This is the latest version of the Neufeld Institute’s list of children’s literature recommendations, updated annually each spring to match-make parents and professionals with outstanding kids’ books. The list includes more than 300 titles — a mix of picture books, books for the very young, early readers and chapter books, middle-grade books, young-adult books, and books to enjoy as a family.

To make the list manageable and reflect Dr. Neufeld’s attachment-based developmental paradigm, we’ve sorted it by categories such as connections to parents; books about grandparents, extended family, villages of attachment; books that help with the language of feelings; books that inspire or portray play; books about relationships to special teachers; books about or for transplanted children; along with books for special challenges such as death, divorce, allergies, cancer, learning disabilities, moving, and sensitivity/giftedness.

All proceeds go toward the Gail Eleanor Carney Memorial Scholarship Fund, as her love of children’s literature and the creation of the Neufeld Institute list of book recommendations is just one of her many legacies.


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