Faculty, Course Facilitators and Parent Consultants

We have a wonderful team of individuals from all over the world who facilitate the Neufeld Institute courses in a number of languages. These course facilitators are equipped and supported by a small group of Neufeld Institute faculty who have all studied personally with Dr. Neufeld. We also offer support and training to a carefully selected group of professionally credentialed practitioners who are willing to provide follow-up support to the parents who take our courses. These parent consultants are listed separately under ‘counselling’ in the website menu.

Listing as a course facilitator or parent consultant typically begins with the experience of benefitting personally from a Neufeld Institute course, so much so that there is a keen desire to share what they have learned with others. We have found that the best way of truly equipping is through deepening one’s understanding of the attachment-based developmental approach through further study. We therefore reserve our more formal support for sharing the material for our more advanced students. This support is delivered through our virtual campus.

  • After completing the Intensive II, we offer support for leading study groups through our Advanced Centre membership on our campus.
  • After completing our Foundational Studies (Intensives 1-3, Science of Emotion and Play 101), we offer support for sharing the filmed lectures component of some of our courses through Support Centre membership on Campus. Support Centre members can also apply to be listed as a Course Facilitator on our website.
  • Support Centre members who are also credentialed helping professionals will have access to our Practitioner Centre with its case study material and master classes, as well as the opportunity to apply for our special equipping programs for credentialed therapists.

Advanced students, please see Further Study and Support for more information about sharing the material.