Faculty, Course Facilitators and Parent Consultants

We have a wonderful team of individuals from all over the world who have become equipped to deliver and support the Neufeld Institute courses. Our course facilitators have been trained by a small group of Neufeld Institute faculty who have all studied personally with Dr. Neufeld. Among these course facilitators are helping professionals who have received additional training to provide follow-up support to parents and teachers who have taken our courses.

The process usually begins with someone benefitting personally from a Neufeld Institute course, so much so that they want to be able to deliver the course to others. The next step is to take the two foundational Intensives which lay out the attachment-based developmental theory in a way that becomes universally applicable. These foundational Intensive courses are available to anyone. The third step is application to our two-year diploma program for course facilitators that involves, among other things, taking a special training version of the course they wish to facilitate as well as a series of mentoring sessions with one of our faculty. The program is designed to fit into the busy lives of people who already have work responsibilities as well as children to raise or teach.

For facilitators who are also credentialed helping professionals, we offer support for their parent consulting with regular case-study centered master classes as well as an additional two-year diploma program.