We have a wonderful team of individuals from all over the world who share, facilitate and support the Neufeld Institute courses in a number of different languages.

Neufeld Institute Faculty

The leadership is provided by a selected group of individuals who have all studied personally with Dr. Neufeld, including a two-year internship with him. Before being appointed to a faculty role, they will have all demonstrated mastery of the attachment-based developmental approach as well as leadership that is consistent with the theory they are representing. Faculty internship is by invitation only. Please consult the Faculty page to see our leadership team.

Neufeld Institute Parent Consultants

Our courses are supported by a carefully selected group of professionally credentialed practitioners who have been further equipped to provide follow-up support to the parents who take our courses. These practitioners also receive ongoing support via master classes with Dr. Neufeld. Practitioner support is available to Campus Support Centre members only. Our parent consultants are listed separately under ‘counselling’ in the website menu.

Neufeld Institute Course Facilitators

Our Course Facilitators have been extensively educated in the attachment-based developmental approach and have either graduated from our previous two-year diploma program or have been carefully selected for listing after demonstrating their mastery of the approach and suitability for the task. Our Course Facilitators enjoy continued support via our campus and through master classes with Dr. Neufeld.

Neufeld Institute Campus Course Assistants

We have a great team of hand-picked individuals who provide support for our campus courses. The course assistant is a remunerated role with the Neufeld Institute.

Neufeld Institute Course Study Group Leaders

Our study group leaders have all completed our Foundational Studies and been accepted into our Campus Support Centre where they are offered additional studies and receive continued support in leading study groups of the handful of courses we have designated as sharing courses that we offer in a study group format.

Certificate of Studies related to Sleep and Bedtime Issues

Recipients of the Certificate of Studies related to Sleep and Bedtime Issues have completed a course of studies that we believe will give the depth of insight and understanding needed for those who are helping parents with bedtime issues.

Parents whose concerns extend beyond bedtime issues may seek assistance from our Neufeld Institute Parent Consultants, who are a carefully selected group of professionally credentialed practitioners with advanced training with the Neufeld Institute.