Books featured on this page are authored by Neufeld Institute faculty or facilitators, based upon or inspired by the Neufeld attachment-based development approach and in keeping with the mission of the Neufeld Institute – making sense of children.

What Young Children Need You to Know
by Bridgett Miller

Are you the parent of a cherished young child, and tired, possibly frustrated, and even doubting yourself—or them? Are you worried about their behaviour or feeling unsure of how to support them? What makes young children do the things they do? Will they ever grow out of it?

In 55 short, inspirational, and insightful entries Bridgett Miller—teacher, remedial therapist, presenter, parent consultant, and parent herself—connects developmental science with heartfelt wisdom. She reminds us we have the power to shift our perspective, better understand our children, and, most importantly, deepen our connection with them.

With gentle guidance and suggestions grounded in developmental science, What Young Children Need You to Know opens the door for caring adults to move from reactivity to consciousness — with a greater understanding of how to meet children’s emotional needs.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, grandparent or anyone who cares about young children, these daily insights and affirmations could be just what you’re looking for to support your journey as you navigate the way using your head and your heart, towards becoming the parent or person you long to be.

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“This engaging book is a wonderful series of gentle, compassionate reminders of the role we play in our children’s lives. Bridgett Miller shows us how much a touch of perspective can help in guiding our path as parents. She aptly fleshes out how seeing our children correctly leads us to becoming the parents our children need.” – Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.