Special Certificate of Studies

related to sleep and bedtime issues

As a result of requests for support for those who are helping parents with bedtime issues, we have put together a course of studies that we believe will give the depth of insight and understanding needed for this task. Drs. Neufeld and MacNamara have also created an anchor presentation on this topic and our executive is now in the midst of planning and scheduling a webinar series to expand on the bedtime practices introduced in this anchor presentation.
Since bedtime issues are rooted primarily in facing separation, all the dynamics relating to development and attachment are involved. This is the foundational understanding behind our selection of prerequisite material leading to this certificate of studies. All our courses are available online and can be taken through self-paced study or through an online class if scheduled.

Neufeld Intensive I and Neufeld Intensive II
Making Sense of Preschoolers course and book (MacNamara’s Rest, Play, Grow)
• the Getting Bedtime Right anchor presentation (see below) and follow-up webinar series (3 or 4 sessions scheduled for the Fall of 2021)
Certificates will be awarded upon the successful completion of an assignment applying the material to a bedtime problem. This certificate, however, does not authorize individuals to teach the courses they have taken. This privilege is reserved for our own faculty and course facilitators.
We also ask that recipients of this certificate of studies, if using their studies to help other parents with bedtime issues but are not credentialed helping professionals themselves, agree to take care to refer more complex issues to the Neufeld Institute authorized parent consultants listed on the Neufeld Institute website.
If interested in this course of studies with the intention of using this material to help others, we ask that individuals first view the Getting Bedtime Right presentation to ascertain whether this approach is truly a fit for them. It is our experience that not everyone is a developmentalist at heart or is willing to place the child’s attachments to the fore. This presentation is available on our Free Resources page.
If part of a group of 10 or more wishing to take one or both of the Intensives or the Preschooler course together, we will provide custom forum support with faculty and facilitators specifically selected for their ability to apply the material to separation issues caused by bedtime and sleep.
If interested in this special certificate of studies, please watch the Getting Bedtime Right presentation FIRST (see above), then contact Michele Maurer  – the faculty member in charge of this program of studies – via the inquiry feature of the Neufeld Institute website and it will be redirected accordingly.