The mission of the Neufeld Institute

Our mission is to use developmental science to make sense of children to the adults responsible for them. Our instrument is the attachment-based developmental approach as synthesized and articulated by Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Our hope is that the insights provided by this evidence-based theory will rejoin parents, teachers and helping professionals to their natural intuition. Our evidence-based belief is that children are meant to be raised in the context of relationship to those who are responsible for them.

We attempt to fulfill our mission through delivering over twenty-five courses that Dr. Neufeld, with the help of his daughter Tamara Strijack, has developed. These courses are delivered to parents, teachers and helping professionals via online continuing education, facilitated videocourses, and onsite events. Our online education is delivered via a virtual campus that has been created specifically for this purpose.

The Neufeld Institute also equips and supports helping professionals who wish to use this approach to support parents.