What we call the Neufeld Intensives were originally week-long courses – five days of intensely attending to Dr. Neufeld intensely teaching the attachment-based developmental approach. There was no opportunity to put him on pause, one of the great advantages of the continuing education courses. There are currently four of these Intensives, with more in the making. The Neufeld Intensive One is no longer taught live by Dr. Neufeld.

The first two Intensives are referred to as Neufeld Intensive Level One and Neufeld Intensive Level Two. In these courses, Dr. Neufeld lays out the foundations of attachment-based developmental theory. The Level One – Making Sense of Kids – unfolds the three conceptual keys that unlock the insights needed to understand our children from inside out. Even if individuals may have had significant exposure to Neufeld’s teaching, this Intensive is required in order to see the big picture and how everything knits together. The Level Two – The Separation Complex – traces the most common childhood problems back to the epicentre of our emotional quakes. The implications are profound but self-evident once understood.

Both these Intensives revolve around 20 hours of lecture material, but in the campus course version, are greatly enriched by support sessions with faculty, supplemental resources, study guides, and discussion forums. Students can enroll in the campus course versions (ie, continuing education course) at any time as individuals. If schedules allow, the optimal way of taking the course is through the Institute-scheduled online public classes. These online classes are typically scheduled once a year and are supported by all of our faculty, providing for the richest experience and exposure. Groups of ten or more can make arrangements with the Neufeld Institute to schedule a custom course with faculty support tailored specifically to that group.

The Level One is the prerequisite for the Level Two which in turn is the gateway to all further study, including the advanced courses and Intensives as well as our diploma programs.

We currently have two Advanced Intensives – Becoming Attached and Play and Emotion. The Level Two Intensive is the prerequisite for both of these courses. The preferred format for taking these Advanced Intensives is still the five-day format, as the experiential component is a vital part of the learning.

The Becoming Attached Intensive unfolds the six ways of attaching. Play and Emotion takes the two dynamics most ignored by the prevailing paradigms today and reveals these dynamics as pivotal to well-being and the unfolding of human potential. The insights are transformative in every arena of human experience and relationship. We aim to schedule at least one advanced intensive each year. Because we restrict registration to keep the experience meaningful, these Intensives tend to sell out quite quickly. Please consult the EVENTS page for upcoming scheduled Intensives.

The primary focus of the first two Intensives is on the children in our care, although the dynamics apply to everyone and in every arena. The focus of the Advanced Intensives is more on us as adults, although once again, the application is universal.