Friday, April 13, 2018

7:00-9:00 pm Dr. Deborah MacNamara—Evening Address
Gut Feelings
Minoru A&B Ballroom

Saturday, April 14, 2018

8:00-9:00 am Registration Foyer
9:00-10:15 am Dr. Gordon Neufeld—Opening Address
Making Sense of Kids
Minoru Ballroom
10:15-10:35 am Morning Break (20 minutes) Foyer
10:35-11:50 am Sessions A See Session Detail
11:50 am-1:00 pm Lunch
Independently, or you may pre-order an optional buffet lunch for $26
Minoru D and
Westminster 1-3
1:00-2:15 pm Sessions B See Session Detail
2:15-2:30 pm Afternoon Break (15 minutes) Foyer
2:30-3:45 pm Sessions C See Session Detail
3:45-3:55 pm Transition to Final Address
No refreshments available at this time. Book and DVD sales closed.
3:55-4:30 pm Door Prizes
Dr. Gordon Neufeld—Final Address
Minoru Ballroom

Saturday Session Detail

SESSIONS A — 10:35 am to 11:50 am
A1 – Preparation for Parenthood Presentation Gordon Neufeld TBD
A2 – Making Sense of Preschoolers: Five Things Preschoolers Would Like You to Know About Them Presentation Deborah MacNamara TBD
A3 – Making Sense of the Alpha Complex Presentation Patti Drobot TBD
A4 – Q&A for Intensive II Students and Alumni (for current students and graduates of Neufeld Intensive II) Q&A Terry Warburton,
Genevieve Schreier
A5 – You’re Not the Boss of Me: Making Sense of Counterwill
Presentation Colleen Drobot TBD
A6 – Making Sense of the Brain Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi TBD
A7 – Making Sense of Adolescence Presentation Christie Mackie TBD
A8 – Making Sense of Emotion and the Messy, Marvelous Master Plan Presentation Michele Maurer TBD
A9 – Making Sense of Resilience Presentation Heather Ferguson TBD
A10 – Making Sense of Blended Families Presentation Jodi Bergman TBD
A11 – Hold On To Your University-Bound Kids Presentation David Robertson TBD
SESSIONS B — 1:00-pm to 2:15 pm
B1 – Making Sense of Grace  Presentation Gordon Neufeld TBD
B2 – Making Sense of Addiction: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places Presentation Deborah MacNamara TBD
B3 – Making Sense of Anxiety in Children Presentation  Patti Drobot TBD
B4 – Becoming the Parent Your Child Needs: 10 Keys to Self-Care
That Will Support You to be Your Child’s Best Bet
Presentation Colleen Drobot TBD
B5 – Rest, Play, Learn: Q&A on Home Education Q&A Tamara Strijack,
Jennifer Gehman
B6 – Making Sense of Aggression Presentation Denise Findlay TBD
B7 – Making Sense of Emotional Expression in School Presentation Wanda Christensen, Jackie Hann TBD
B8 – Making Sense of Play Presentation Genevieve Schreier TBD
B9 – Making Sense of Marriage Presentation Heather Ferguson TBD
B10 – Q&A on Adolescence Presentation Jodi Bergman,
Robin Brooks-Sherriff
B11 – Making Sense of Therapy Intensive: A Presentation of Highlights, Aha! Moments, and New Insights (for graduates of Neufeld Intensive II) Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske TBD
SESSIONS C — 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
C1 – Making Sense of the Digital World: Plugged In, Tuned Out and Keeping Your Kids Connected  Presentation Michele Maurer TBD
C2 – Making Sense of Emotional Defense: How the Brain Protects Itself Against Vulnerability Presentation Deborah MacNamara TBD
C3 – Making Sense of Sensitivity in Children Presentation Patti Drobot TBD
C4 – The Counterwill Storm: Making Sense of Teen Resistance Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske TBD
C5 – Playful Therapy: Understanding the Power of Play in Our Homes, Classrooms, and Therapeutic Settings  Presentation Tamara Strijack, Hannah Beach TBD
C6 – Making Sense of Bullies  Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi TBD
C7 – Making Sense of Transplanted Children: Supporting Children Facing Disruption and Change Presentation Beth Hachkowski TBD
C8 – Making Sense of the Grandparent Role Presentation Joy Neufeld,
Nancy Keeler
C9 – Implementing the Neufeld Approach in Schools: Q&A for Educators  Q&A Colleen Drobot,
David McFall
C10 – Making Sense of Sex Presentation Robin Brooks-Sherriff TBD
C11 – Making Sense of Children in Times of Grief and Loss Presentation Susan Lukey TBD