The Neufeld Virtual Campus is a state-of-the-art online environment. It has a real campus-like feel that is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for the computer neophyte, yet full of surprises to discover.  For the unsure, there is a campus tour to familiarize with the features and surroundings. The campus also has designated centres for individuals who are studying this approach or supporting each other in languages other than English: Hebrew, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Swedish.  It is designed for people to go to the campus when they wish and to interact how they wish, rather than feel obliged to respond to email that often comes unbidden.

The Neufeld Virtual Campus is our singular solution to a number of challenges: how to provide education and training that is accessible to everyone and yet doesn’t pull parents and professionals away from their own children; how to join the sparks of like-minded individuals who have a love of children, a belief that parents are their children’s best bet, and the desire to foster student-teacher relationships; how to equip and actively support those who wish to teach and practice this attachment-based developmental paradigm wherever they are around the globe, without unnecessary expenditures of time and travel; how to deliver world-class education and training programs without heavy investments in buildings and property. Our hope is that in connecting the sparks of interest and in facilitating informed dialogue, collective consciousness will grow and a difference will be made in our society and in the lives of children.

The Virtual Campus is home to our online courses. Students receive study passes while taking their courses. The Virtual Campus is also home to our Campus Support Centre for those who wish to share the material with others. The level of support depends upon the courses taken as well as the annual subscription fee. The Virtual Campus is also home to our Practitioner Centre for qualifying and already-credentialed helping professionals who have taken the required prerequisite courses.

Ongoing membership to the campus is available to all those who have been to a Neufeld conference or taken a Neufeld course – online as a campus course, onsite as a videocourse, or live from Dr. Neufeld or one of our faculty. Annual subscriptions are $150, discounted to $120 if initiated or renewed while on campus.

The main draw for many is that campus subscribers are eligible for access to campus courses that are equivalent to the courses they have taken previously (eg, Aggression, Vital Connection, Anxiety, etc), giving them continued access to the lecture material for review as well as all the discussion forums, study guides and supplementary resources that are part of these campus courses. This enables us to provide ongoing support to students of this approach.

In addition to ongoing enrolment in the courses they have taken, campus members also have access to the following resources:

  • audio and video recordings of Dr. Neufeld’s talks and lectures from around the world
  • recorded online presentations by Dr. Neufeld and faculty members
  • discussion forums moderated by Neufeld faculty and facilitators, including a parent forum
  • Q&As with Neufeld faculty
  • children’s book club discussions and recommendations of hundreds of children’s books
  • resources for educators
  • written articles and reference material
  • dozens of stories and anecdotes of the paradigm in action

Additional perks and benefits of campus membership include:

  • significant discounts for Neufeld Institute DVDs
  • complimentary access to webinars when space is available
  • access to advanced courses (Intensive II graduates only)

How to register for campus membership:

Go to our campus log-in page. Under the Registration Portal on the right side, choose “Register for Campus Membership”. Enter details as prompted. If you are new to our campus, enter your previous course history as this determines your eligibility for a subscription. Our campus registrar will notify you by email once your subscription has been initiated or reactivated.