The Neufeld Institute offers a number of opportunities for further study for those who have completed the foundational Intensives, Intensive I: Making Sense of Kids; Intensive II: The Separation Complex and Intensive III: Becoming Attached.

Advanced Courses & Intensives

For students who have graduated from the Intensive II, we offer advanced versions of most of our courses. In addition we also have some advanced courses that require prerequisites, such as Play & Attachment, Play & Emotion, and Making Sense of Therapy. The focus of the advanced courses extends to adults as well as children. Please consult the website for scheduled courses.

Facilitator Training

We offer a two-year Neufeld Course Facilitator Diploma program for qualifying individuals who are interested in helping support or deliver Neufeld Institute courses and who have completed the course prerequisites: Intensive I, II & III, Science of Emotion and Play 101. Core elements of this program include monthly consults with Neufeld faculty, regular master classes, and special training versions of the courses where certification is being sought. The Neufeld Facilitator diploma entitles individuals to be listed on the Neufeld Institute website and receive ongoing support via the virtual campus and master classes. We also offer abbreviated training in situations where agencies, school boards and churches are looking to get their own people certified to deliver a particular course. Please note that we are only able to accept a limited number of applicants into the program. Typical entry into the program is September with applications due in early August of each year. Please consult the appropriate website page for more information.

Advanced Courses

Advanced versions of our courses are open to all Intensive II graduates who are subscribed to our virtual online campus. These Advanced Courses are similar to our ‘training courses’ for course facilitators but without the delivery component that facilitators-in-training would receive.

Campus membership is $150 for first-time subscriptions and $120 per year for renewals when completed before the campus subscription expires.

Practitioner Support and Training

We provide considerable support for the students and graduates of our Course Facilitator Program who are also independently credentialed helping professionals in good standing with their own regulatory bodies. The primary goal of our support is to equip helping professionals to serve as a professional resource to the students of our courses. Our support is in the form of a discussion forum for practitioners, regularly scheduled practitioner master classes, and a rich library of previous master classes and case studies. In addition, we also offer a two-year parent consulting diploma program to qualifying candidates but only after completing the 2-year facilitator training program. The Neufeld Parent Consulting diploma entitles practitioners to be listed on the Neufeld Institute website as Neufeld Parent Consultants willing to provide follow-up support to parents who have taken our courses.