The Neufeld Institute offers a number of opportunities for further study for those who have completed the foundational Intensives, Intensive I: Making Sense of Kids and Intensive II: The Separation Complex.

Advanced Intensives

There are three Advanced Intensives currently being offered – Becoming Attached, Play & Emotion, and Making Sense of Therapy with more topics planned for the future. We typically offer one or more Advanced Intensives per year. The focus of these courses extends to adults as well as children.  Please consult the website for scheduled courses.

Facilitator Training

For Intensive II graduates interested in facilitating Neufeld’s courses, we offer a two-year Neufeld Course Facilitator Diploma program. Core elements of this program include monthly consults with Neufeld faculty, master classes with Dr. Neufeld, and special training versions of the courses where certification is being sought. The Neufeld Facilitator diploma entitles individuals to be listed on the Neufeld Institute website and receive ongoing support via the virtual campus and master classes. We also offer abbreviated training in situations where agencies, school boards and churches are looking to get their own people certified to deliver a particular course. We are only able to accept a portion of the applications received. Typical entry point into the program is September with applications due in early August of each year. Please consult our website for more information.

Please note: As of May 2018, we are in the process of updating our Facilitator Diploma Program. Given the volume of foundational new courses that Dr. Neufeld has created, new prerequisites* are being added to the program.

In order to implement these changes, we will not be accepting any new applications to our program for the 2018/2019 academic year. While we are pressing pause on our Facilitator Program, we will be offering all new prerequisite courses online in the coming year.

*New Prerequisites for the Facilitator Program as of May 2018:
In addition to the Neufeld Intensive I and II, added prerequisites will be the Neufeld Intensive III: Becoming Attached (available online Spring 2019), as well as the two introductory courses Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion, and Play 101.

Advanced Courses

For Intensive II graduates who are campus members and who want to master the attachment-based developmental approach but are not particularly interested in facilitating Neufeld courses, we offer enhanced versions of our Institute-scheduled online classes. These Advanced Courses are similar to our ‘training courses’ for course facilitators but without the delivery component that facilitators-in-training would receive.

Campus membership is $150 for first-time subscriptions and $120 per year for renewals when completed before the campus subscription expires. For more information about campus membership, please consult the website.

Practitioner Support and Training

We are very much in need of credentialed helping professionals who are equipped and able to provide individual follow-up to parents who have taken Neufeld courses. In order to facilitate this, we offer support and equipping to qualifying professionals who are also participants or graduates of our Neufeld Course Facilitator program. Complementary support is provided via a discussion forum for practitioners, regularly scheduled practitioner master classes with Dr. Neufeld, and by a rich library of previous master classes and case studies. In addition, we also offer a two-year parent consulting diploma program to qualifying candidates but only after completing the 2-year facilitator training program. The Neufeld Parent Consulting diploma entitles practitioners to be listed on the Neufeld Institute website as Neufeld Parent Consultants willing to provide follow-up support to parents who have taken our courses.

Faculty Internships

A limited number of faculty internships with Dr. Neufeld are available for prospective faculty who have a vision for furthering the approach and are willing and able to assume the responsibilities of training and leadership. Internship is by invitation only and usually reserved for those who have been involved in further study.