Advanced Courses

For campus members who have graduated from the Intensive II, we offer advanced modules for some of our scheduled online classes. In addition we also have some advanced courses that require prerequisites, such as Play & Attachment, Play & Emotion, and Making Sense of Therapy. The focus of most advanced courses extends to adults as well as children.

Certificate of Studies related to Sleep and Bedtime Issues

As a result of requests for support for those who are helping parents with bedtime issues, we have put together a course of studies that we believe will give the depth of insight and understanding needed for this task. Click here for details.

Foundational Studies

Serious students of Dr. Neufeld’s Approach will want to take five courses that together provide the conceptual foundations to both theory and practice: 

Intensive I on Making Sense of Kids

Intensive II on The Separation Complex

Intensive III on Becoming Attached

Science of Emotion

Play 101

The Foundational Studies also opens the door to Support Centre Membership which in turn, is the prerequisite for all our equipping and support programs.

Support Centre Membership

Our Campus Support Centre houses a vast array of resources and opportunities for further study, including regular master classes with Dr. Neufeld and consults with our faculty. Those who have completed the Foundational Studies can apply for Support Centre Membership. The base annual subscription fee for Support Centre membership is $200. Other than the master classes, separate fees apply for the additional courses and consults. For more information on applying for Support Centre Membership, click here.

Practitioner Support

The Neufeld Institute offers exceptional support to Support Centre Members who are also independently-credentialed helping professionals. This includes a rich library of case studies, as well as accessibility to master classes both past and present.