What is the Neufeld Institute?

As an organization, we go by the name of ‘Neufeld Institute’ in order to honour the contribution of Dr. Gordon Neufeld whose life’s work has been to create a comprehensive evidence-based model for the unfolding of human potential.

As a legal entity, the Neufeld Institute was originally incorporated in 1974 under the name ‘Growth Concerns’ as a non-profit society and charitable organization. The Neufeld Institute was repurposed in 2006 as a vehicle to further the attachment-based developmental paradigm that was synthesized and constructed by Dr. Gordon Neufeld out of the findings of developmental science. The Institute was created initially in response to a growing number of educators and helping professionals who wanted in-depth training in this approach.  The Institute has grown rapidly in response to demands for parent education, professional development and continuing education. An internship program was set up to enable personal study with Dr. Neufeld and to develop leadership to train individuals who were interested in teaching or practicing this paradigm. The graduates of this internship program have become today’s Neufeld Institute Faculty.

As individuals, we are a group of parents, teachers and helping professionals who have experienced the transforming power of insight and organized ourselves into faculty, staff, facilitators and volunteers to help pass on this insight to others involved with children.

Although the Neufeld Institute is physically headquartered in Vancouver, it uses the latest internet technology to provide training and education throughout the world. Neufeld Faculty as well as training and education programs exist currently in a number of languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian, Danish and Dutch.