The seminars and webinars listed on this page are available in what we call our seminar format – filmed lectures or presentations that can be streamed or downloaded without having to access our virtual campus.



This 4-session seminar unfolds Dr. Neufeld’s brilliant breakthrough model of attachment – inspired by the physical and natural sciences and built upon the most recent understandings of the brain, emotion and development. In distilling the drive for togetherness to its essence, it expands into a comprehensive model that applies universally to every human arena where relationship exists or should exist. The time for a consciousness of attachment is now, and this course promises to bring the best of the science of relationship to those who should be in the know. What is surprising is how easy Neufeld’s model of attachment is to use, both for making sense of ourselves and others, as well as for guiding effective interaction.


This seminar is divided into four sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each.

Session 1 – The NATURE of attachment
Session 2 – The WORK of attachment
Session 3 – The POWER of attachment
Session 4 – The INSTRUMENTS of attachment

Recordings of this seminar are available for $120.


Doing what he does best, Dr. Neufeld has put the puzzle pieces together to reveal five developmental steps to emotional health and maturity. His model is easy to follow and has become a template for a growing number of therapists. The five-step model reveals the most common pitfall in working with the immature, regardless of age – attempting to treat the symptoms at the level where they occur rather than retreating to the underlying developmental prerequisite where the problem is most likely to exist. Dr. Neufeld’s model provides clear insights as to the nature of emotional maturity or its lack, as well as the way through to removing the impediments to emotional stuckness.


This seminar is divided into four sessions of up to 1.5 hours each.

Session 1 – Emotion as the Heart of the Matter
Session 2 – Back to the Beginning: getting the first step right
Session 3 – Towards Fully Feeling: addressing the impediments
Session 4 – Supporting the Final Steps AND The Five Steps as a Template for Treatment

Recordings from the live July 2021 seminar are available for $120.


We now know that there is nothing more stressful than emotional wounding, yet evidence strongly indicates that our children’s world is becoming a more wounding place. In fact, children’s stress levels are even higher than in previous times of war or instability, while anxiety, aggression and suicide problems continue to increase. We also know that the emotional health and well-being of our children depends upon us being able to keep them safe, yet how are we to do this when our ability to control the situations and circumstances in their lives is waning? Although our educational systems have never tried harder to reduce discrimination and bullying as well as teach empathy, these efforts are proving futile as they do not address the underlying roots of the problems. Based on new insights in developmental science, Dr. Neufeld will reveal surprising solutions to this distressing problem – answers that every adult who cares for children should know. 


This seminar is divided into four sessions of approximately 1.25 hours each.

Session 1 – How the Power to Wound is a Matter of Attachment
Session 2 – How the Pain of a Wound is a Matter of Feeling
Session 3 – The Shield and Sanctuary Approach to Keeping Children Safe
Session 4 – Comparing Approaches to Keeping Children Safe

Recordings from the live May 2020 seminar are available for $120.


In this four-session, 5.5 hour seminar, Gordon Neufeld and Tamara Strijack join forces to deliver the material they believe every parent should know about as they make important decisions regarding their children’s education. Although the focus is on the home-school advantage, the content is highly relevant regardless of the setting in which formal learning occurs. It is our mission at the Neufeld Institute to attempt to put parents back into the driver’s seat with regards to their children, and that includes the educational domain. The purpose of this seminar is to equip parents with the knowledge and confidence needed to make the best decisions regarding their child’s educational journey, regardless of whether this be via conventional schooling or through more alternative terrain.


Session 1 – Socialization Issues: dispelling the prevailng myths
Session 2 – The Relational Factor: why home education works so well
Session 3 – Back to Basics: what students truly need
Session 4 – Student Engagement: launching the learner from home

Recordings from the live October 2020 seminar are available for $120.


SOLUTIONS TO SLEEP Webinar Panel Series

The Solutions to Sleep webinar panel series provides follow-up support for Dr. Neufeld’s free presentation, Getting Bedtime Right.

Getting bedtime right is important. By what is evidenced online, millions of parents are attempting to do just that but are frequently getting advice that has not been informed by what is truly in the child’s best interests.

As a leading articulator of the attachment-based developmental approach, Dr. Neufeld makes sense of bedtime through the lenses of attachment and emotion, providing a conceptual foundation for addressing these issues in a way that does not interfere with secure relationships, healthy functioning and the unfolding of potential.

The science of bedtime is laid out in his Getting Bedtime Right address. In this three-part series of webinar panels, Gordon is joined by Deborah MacNamara and Tamara Strijack to build upon these foundational insights with practical support, stories, illustrations and examples.

Part 1: Bridging the Night – providing continuous connection (1 hr 25 min)
Part 2: Emotional Playgrounds – setting the stage for sleep (1 hr 23 min)
Part 3: Lullabies – rediscovering their ensorcelling magic (1 hr 24 min)

Recordings from the live November 2021 webinars, along with a resource package, are available for $90.