Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers

This book, written by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, is about the pivotal importance of children’s relationships to those responsible for them and the devastating impact in today’s society of competing attachments with peers. However it is much more than a book on peer orientation: it is about parenting with relationship in mind. This book restores parents to their natural intuition, confronting such relationship-devastating devices as time-outs and using what children care about against them.


Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One)

Based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, this book offers a road map to making sense of young children, and is what every toddler, preschooler and kindergartener wishes we understood about them. “This book is a tribute to Deborah’s giftedness … you could not be in better hands,” said Dr. Neufeld.