Resources for Parents & Caregivers

The Neufeld Institute is proud to offer a wide variety of resources for parents and caregivers. From online courses on our state-of-the-art digital campus to hands-on guidance from our Institute-trained parent consultants, we strive to equip caregivers with the knowledge and support they need.

Resources for Educators

We support educators who work with children from early-childhood and onwards with courses and online resources tailored specifically for their unique challenges.

Resources for Helping Professionals

Our Neufeld Intensives are geared to support helping professionals in their quest to make sense of the children in their care. The Intensives I & II are the gateway to our advanced courses as well as further support and training.

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Dr. Neufeld’s approach has the power to change, if not save, the lives of our children.The National Post

Featured Faculty

Elana is our newest faculty member with the Neufeld Institute and is on track for a PhD in psychology while being a hands-on mother of five rambunctious children.  Having mastered the attachment-based approach, she decided to pursue graduate study to be in the best position to bring this approach to Israel. Fluently bilingual, Elana has been translating the Neufeld courses into Hebrew and has also translated for Dr. Neufeld when in Israel. She is involved in the training of Israeli facilitators to deliver these courses. We are delighted with her gifted insight, clinical intuition, as well as teaching ability and are proud to have her on our international team.

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