Dr. Gordon Neufeld presents live online 

Raising Resilient Kids: making sense of stress and trauma

A Neufeld Institute Scheduled Online Class

May 14 – June 11, 2024

Tuesdays, 10 am – 12 pm PDT


Registration is OPEN! Recordings are included for all classes.

This new course is a unique opportunity to hear Dr. Neufeld teach live as he puts the puzzle pieces together in a way that helps make sense of the complicated dynamics of trauma, stress, and resilience. We hope you'll join us!


This four-part course captures the latest insights from brain research and the therapy literature, and presents this material within the framework of an attachment-based developmental perspective. New understandings regarding the wisdom of the stress response and the essence of the resilience response serve to revolutionize both our thinking and practice. While the focus is on children and adolescents, the content is equally applicable to adults. This hopeful approach puts parents and teachers back in the driver's seat with their children and students, while harnessing the power of Nature to do what only it can do. This course also helps therapists to uncover the hidden keys to natural effectiveness in their work with the troubled and distressed. This course, more than any other, showcases the most recent work of Dr. Neufeld in making sense of well-being, and of what can be done to effectively support it.


The story of resilience is told in four consecutive 'chapters' or parts, with each chapter setting the stage for the next ~

Part I –   The Surprising Wisdom of the Stress Response

Part II –  The Resilience Response as Nature's Answer to the Stress Response

Part III – Redefining Trauma and the Signs of a Stuck Stress Response

Part IV –  Recovering the Resilience Response

Part V –   Wrap Up Discussion Class with Heather Ferguson & Genevieve Schreier

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This is a Neufeld Institute Scheduled Online Class:

  • Students will come together weekly for a 2-hour Zoom session. In the first hour, Dr. Neufeld will be presenting his lecture video material. In the second hour, he will be joined by Neufeld Institute faculty members Heather Ferguson and Genevieve Schreier for discussion of the material and Q&A.

  • Registration includes a 4-month study pass to the Neufeld Virtual Campus, which includes access to our extensive Campus Library with Q&A collections, Neufeld Recordings and many other articles and resources. 
  • There will be some supplementary course resources to view on campus, plus an optional forum where questions can be submitted.
  • All of the classes will be recorded, enabling those who are unavailable to attend the live online Zoom class to catch up by watching the recording. Class recordings are posted online within 24 hours and are available for the duration of the course.
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