Dr. Gordon Neufeld presents

Addressing the Root Causes of Anxiety in Children and Adolescents:
An Attachment-Based Relational Approach

A Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. Seminar

May 9, 2024
Live In-Person, Calgary, Alberta
or Live Stream from home



Dr.  Neufeld presents a one-day seminar on May 9th, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm MDT, in Calgary, Alberta. Attend in person or live stream from home. This seminar is tailored for education and clinical professionals. Please consult the Jack Hirose & Asssociates Inc. website for registration details.

The escalating level of anxiety in our children begs for an explanation as well as a solution. Dr. Neufeld sheds light on this age-old problem, paving the way for natural interventions that can actually get to the root causes as opposed to just managing symptoms. This workshop brings a fresh and promising perspective to one of our most troubling and perplexing human problems. Although the focus is on children, this enlightening material will benefit anyone suffering from anxiety.

The time has finally come to be able to answer the problem of anxiety. What makes it possible now is that we currently have enough pieces of the puzzle to create a coherent picture: a mastery of attachment theory, an understanding of human vulnerability, a working knowledge of attention, and the discoveries of neuroscience. Possessing the pieces are not enough however. It takes a theorist’s mind to put the pieces together and a seasoned therapist’s wisdom to test this model against human experience. Dr. Neufeld has been uniquely positioned, not only to answer this question but also to understand the implications for our children. The resulting solutions are surprising, not in that they are counter intuitive but rather that they run counter to the prevailing practice. The focus of this workshop is the anxiety of our children and what we can do about this, both as a society and as the adults responsible for them. the dynamics and insights however apply to all ages.