A Five-Day Experiential Intensive

Developmental science has long been championing the healing power of the play mode, whether one is a child, an adolescent or an adult. However, in the field of therapy play is often overlooked and undervalued, often focused more on cognition and behaviour. Play can become marginalized or isolated into a particular model or approach, eclipsing its natural power.

In this course, we will explore the purposeful dynamics of emotion and the inherent properties of play — and most importantly, the magical interplay when they come together. We will play with the practical application across the lifespan. What does it look like to bring true play and playfulness into our practice, both in and out of the therapy room? What does it look like to matchmake play and emotion for those you care for and for yourself? With this insight of true play, we can see how play is nature’s design to take care of us, no matter what one’s role. We look forward to playing together with you!


Prerequisite: Neufeld Intensive I: Making Sense of Kids

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Suitability & Applicability

For anyone who would like a better understanding of the dynamics of play in human development and an opportunity to experience putting play into practice

Time & Place

Offered in person July 17-21, 2023 in Langley, BC, Canada


You may cancel your registration up until June 15, 2023. A cancellation fee of $40 will apply. Starting June 16, 2023, cancellations are not eligible for refunds or credits unless COVID-19 restrictions are a factor.