Dr. Gordon Neufeld presents

Working With Stuck Kids:
An Attachment-Based Developmental Perspective

A Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. Seminar

May 10, 2024
Live In-Person, Calgary, Alberta
or Live Stream from home



Dr.  Neufeld presents a one-day seminar on May 10th, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm MDT, in Calgary, Alberta. Attend in person or live stream from home. This seminar is appropriate for education and clinical professionals, parents, caregivers, foster parents, grandparents, and extended family raising a child. Please consult the Jack Hirose & Asssociates Inc. website for registration details.

Not everyone grows up as they get older. The construct of psychological immaturity has been with us as an intuitive concept for ages, but only recently has developmental science advanced to a state where it can now yield effective strategies and interventions to address learning and behavioural challenges.

Bestselling author of Hold On To Your Kids, Gordon Neufeld presents an integrated developmental approach to reaching troubled kids, using the constructs of attachment, vulnerability and maturation. In this workshop, Gordon takes the best that developmental science has to offer and delivers it in a usable form to the professionals who work with these children or those responsible for them.

His model has been honed from years of application in a wide range of settings: education, special behaviour programs, therapy, corrections, aboriginal communities, adoption, counseling, parenting, and the foster system. This material is applicable to children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. The insights and interventions apply to a wide range of presenting problems and syndromes including attention problems, bullying, impulsiveness, anxiety problems, learning disabilities, autism spectrum, oppositionality, drug abuse, aggression problems, boundary problems, alarming behaviour, boredom and much more.