Dr. Gordon Neufeld presents at 

The Winnipeg Conference on Behavioural, Developmental & Emotional
Challenges with Children & Adolescents

A Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. Event

November 18 – November 20, 2024
Live In-Person, Winnipeg, Manitoba
or Live Stream from home



Dr.  Neufeld presents on November 18, 2024 at this three-day Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Attend in person or live stream from home. The event is tailored for educational and clinical professionals. Please consult the Jack Hirose & Asssociates Inc. website for registration details.

Dr. Neufeld's Schedule on November 18, 2024:

COURSE: Addressing the Root Causes of Anxiety in Children and Adolescence (Day One - 8:30 am - 4:00 pm)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: There is currently an epidemic of anxiety and agitation affecting children and teens which can take many forms including attention problems, clinginess, eating problems, obsessions, compulsions, phobias, panic, sleep issues, physical illnesses, as well as a host of other perplexing behaviours. Today’s world can create many challenges for children and youth with school pressures, peer interactions, family dynamics, negative self-image, perfectionism, and many other stressors that can impede a child’s ability to learn and mature. Whether it’s the natural, episodic worries or more profound and crippling versions of anxiety, Dr. Neufeld will help make sense of the roots of anxiety and agitation and suggest ways in which we can help bring the anxious and agitated to rest.