Making Sense of Giftedness (audio)

$18.00 CAD

TIME: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Dr. Neufeld addresses an audience of parents whose children have been assessed as intellectually gifted and who are seeking assistance in understanding the special challenges involved in raising and educating such children.

Dr. Neufeld outlines two kinds of brightness – natural and unnatural – and discusses the impact on the maturing processes and functioning. Explanations are provided for why many gifted children are so sensitive, have greater problems with impulsiveness, experience attentional problems, have difficult adapting, have difficulty letting their parents take the lead, and so on. Dr. Neufeld also discusses some of the confusions and myths about giftedness, such as confusing brightness with curiosity, confusing obsessions with emergent interests, etc. The implications of intellectual giftedness for parenting and education are discussed and suggestions provided.




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