The first step is to find a publisher who is interested in the book. If you need some preview copies to support you in this process, please let us know. The next step is for the potential publisher to contact Dr. Neufeld’s foreign rights agent to make arrangements for the getting the rights in that language. We will provide that information to you upon request through the inquiry feature. Dr. Neufeld is not involved directly in this process but certainly can provide a recommendation to the foreign rights agent. Besides a publisher, the greatest challenge is the translation. It is formally the publisher’s responsibility to provide the translation, but small publishers are often grateful for a recommendation or even an introduction to someone suitable. On our part, we prefer the translator to have some background in the Neufeld approach and particularly with the constructs and terminology Dr. Neufeld uses. Unfortunately, a number of translations have had to be redone because this background understanding was lacking. Please let us know if you need some preview copies or if you need the contact information for Dr. Neufeld’s foreign rights agent.

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