With regards to receiving credits for the courses you take with the Neufeld Institute, you will have to seek permission from the University you are getting your Masters degree from.  As we are not an accredited institution, it will be up to each organization to decide whether equivalent credits can be earned through taking our courses.  We issue completion certificates for the Intensive One and Two courses, as well as Verification of Attendance certificates for all other courses.  These certificates indicate the amount of course hours and have been used in the past to present to an organization, along with the course description found on our website.

Vancouver Island University does provide post-graduate credit (fifth year) for our Intensive Level One and Intensive Level Two courses. To receive this credit however, you must pay their tuition fees as well as ours, and submit a completion assignment. For further information, please consult Lis Kroeker, a former Neufeld Faculty member currently on faculty with the Vancouver Island University.

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