A chapter was added on the attachment roots of well-being with special focus on the role of peer orientation in mental health. With current sensitivities regarding the mental health of children, if this book was written now rather than twenty years ago, it probably would have begun with this topic as the starting theme. We would have then followed up with the implications of improperly aligned attachment instincts of children on parenting and teaching.

In Canada, the publisher is Vintage Canada and is available in most major Canadian bookstores. It can be purchased through amazon.ca. The ISBN is 978-0-307-36196-7. The book is 368 pages in length.

In the United States, the publisher is Ballantine Books (a division of Random House) of New York. The paperback is available, or can be ordered, in most major bookstores in the United States and on the internet through amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. ISBN: 978-0-375-76028-0 (paperback), ISBN: 978-0-307-48596-0 (eBook).

In the United Kingdom, the publisher is Vermilion (a division of Penguin Random House UK). ISBN:978-1-785-04219-5 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-4735-6317-9 (eBook), ISBN: 978-1-473-59367-1 (audio download).

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