Helping Children Flourish in an Alarming World

2-day ONLINE conference

KEYNOTES by Gordon Neufeld and Tamara Strijack
with sessions by other Neufeld Institute faculty

Friday June 7 – Saturday June 8, 2024
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
(New Zealand time)


A two-day online conference, including presenters from Neufeld Aotearoa in New Zealand (Adrienne Wood, Sandy Hitchens) and the Neufeld Institute in Canada (Gordon Neufeld, Tamara Strijack, Robin Brooks-Sherriff, Michele Maurer, Karen Bollman). Material is directed at all who care for children and youth as either a parent or a professional.

Friday, June 7th Keynote – Gordon Neufeld, Helping Children Flourish in Challenging Times

Saturday, June 8th Keynote – Tamara Strijack, Helping Children Flourish Through Play

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The challenges facing children and young people today can often feel overwhelming. We can despair as to how we might help children just to survive – let alone flourish! 

How do we help our children to become developmentally mature? What are the key conditions needed for this to happen? Are there other ways that our efforts and attention could be better spent, resulting in better outcomes for the children? Is flourishing even possible for a child when the world around them seems so alarming and difficult? We invite you to attend this two day online conference to examine these questions from various angles.