Rest, Play, Learn: Creating the Conditions for Home Education

Course Description

Home-based learning, also called homeschooling, is a well-established and still growing alternative to traditional classroom schools, but what does it look like from an attachment-based developmental approach? What is the ultimate goal for those who to teach their children at home? How do we deal with the ins and outs and ups and downs of not only raising our children, but of also teaching them? Often our focus becomes looking at outcomes rather than understanding the conditions that lead to optimal functioning. However, it is through creating the conditions that we make room for true learning to unfold. This course will look at the roles of attachment and emotion in learning and maturation, as well as the importance of rest and play in helping a child thrive and grow.


This course is suitable for all parents and caregivers who are currently involved in or considering home-based learning. It is also suitable for those involved in education who wish insight into how home-based learning works.

Formats & Fees

The tuition fee for taking Home Education: Rest, Play, Learn through continuing education is $150. This includes a virtual campus student pass of four months to access the video course material, as well as other supporting materials. There is no accompanying DVD for this course.

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To increase understanding of the role of attachment in learning

To understand maturation, its link to attachment and its role in learning

To understand the role of play in learning and growth

To reveal the role of emotion as an engine of maturation

To highlight the most common problems encountered with home-based learning and attachment-based strategies to help

Course Outline

Session 1 - The Goals of Home Education: True growth and maturity
This session looks at the long-term goals of home-based learning - optimal functioning and maturation.

Session 2 - Creating Conditions: Rest and Relationship
This session delves into the ways that attachment nurtures growth and learning.

Session 3 - Creating Conditions: Room for Play and Emotion
This third session considers how emotion, the engine of maturation, and play, the venue of learning, foster true development.

Session 4 - The Challenges and Obstacles to Home Education
Parenting is difficult at the best of times, but can feel even more so when one is acting as both parent and teacher. This last session looks at some of the more common challenges encountered along the way - frustration, alarm, and anxiety - in both our children and ourselves.

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