Group registration is now closed, effective April 14, 2023.

The Neufeld Institute’s definition of ‘group registration’ is that we offer the option of consolidating fees for multiple individuals from employee, agency or other groups on ONE invoice, resulting in ONE total payment instead of individual payments.

A minimum of 5 individuals is required in order to be considered a group.

in effect until 5:00 pm PDT on March 22, 2023, after which time the fee is $135 CAD PER PERSON

A discount of 10% is available for groups of 10 or more. The discount will be applied automatically to the total invoice amount if 10 or more group members register by April 13, 2023.


  1. One group coordinator is required per group and will serve as the sole communicator between our office and your group members.
  2. The group coordinator must provide a Group Name and an Excel sheet of group members to our registrar PRIOR to commencing group member registration (use button below).
    • The list must include the first name, last name and a unique email address per person (eg one person cannot register multiple people using the same email address for all).
    • Upon receiving this list, our registrar will confirm your group, and then group coordinators may direct their members to the Registration & Fees page to register using the grey button Group Members- register here” (be sure NOT to use the red button “Individuals – register here”).
    • A Group Member registration form must be submitted for each group member and the Group Name must be entered where indicated on the form. All group member registrations must be completed by April 13, 2023.
    • Payment is not required by group members at the time of registration.
    • Group coordinators must arrange for payment of the invoice no later than April 14, 2023. Payment methods include credit card or PayPal; E-transfer is not available. Payment by cheque is an exception that must be requested in advance as an earlier registration deadline and payment date will apply.
  3. Additions/Cancellations/Refunds:
    • New members may be added to the original list until April 13th, but the information must be communicated to our registrar before new members may proceed with the Group Members registration form.
    • Cancellation of group member registrations is not available, but substitutions will be considered by request to our registrar.
    • Sorry, but we will not issue refunds for those who register and pay using the ‘Register an Individual” form and then later decide to join a group registration.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE RE EMAIL SERVERS: it is our experience that some email servers, or private email settings, block or redirect our conference-related emails to Junk/Spam folders. We highly recommend that all group members add “no-reply at” and “office at” to a safe sender/contact list (replace “at” with @) so that important emails are not missed.

Questions? Email our Registrar (preferred method) using the link above or call 604-263-4278 (Canada).

Download PDF of Group Registration Guidelines HERE.