Tamara Strijack, MA
Vancouver, British Columbia
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant
Tamara Strijack is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who lives and works on Vancouver Island. Tamara has worked with children and adolescents in various roles over the last twenty-five years, as mentor, counsellor, youth leader, program director and group facilitator. She currently works primarily as a parent consultant. Tamara also offers workshops and teaches university courses for teachers and counsellors in training. Connection and relationship continue to be central themes in all her roles, both personally and professionally. She is the mother of two young women. As Dr. Gordon Neufeld`s daughter, Tamara offers a unique inside view, bringing together her own experience and insight with her father`s theoretical material.
Tamara offers all of Dr. Neufeld`s courses as both presentations and facilitated video-courses. Tamara also works as a parent and teacher consultant, helping adults make sense of the children in their care. Tamara is available for short talks and half or full day presentations to parents, professionals, and educators. For information about her presentation topics please contact Tamara.