Practitioner Support and Training

The Neufeld Institute offers exceptional support to independently credentialed helping professionals who have completed the required prerequisites with the Neufeld Institute (depending on the program) and are seeking to develop insight to enrich their practice within an attachment-based developmental approach.

The different levels of support are as follows:

‘Making Sense of Therapy’ Advanced Intensive

Open to the public (Prerequisites required)
Course fee: $750

This 15-week course is an Advanced Intensive, open for registration to all who have completed  Neufeld Intensive I, Neufeld Intensive II,  Science of Emotion and the Play Series (Play 101, Play & Attachment, Play & Emotion). Highly recommended are also Neufeld Intensive III (Becoming Attached), Making Sense of Preschoolers, and Making Sense of Adolescence, as Dr. Neufeld will be building upon some of the material delivered in these courses.

Although the focus is on therapy, this course is not exclusively for therapists. As with all advanced intensives, the focus is on adults as well as children.

Course Description
There have never been more schools of psychotherapy, more training available for psychotherapists, and more therapy practices to master. Yet despite all this, there is little in the field of psychotherapy that is directly inspired by an understanding of the attachment-based developmental approach. A second concern is that the practice of psychotherapy itself seems to be increasingly divorced from the science of relationship, the science of emotion and the science of human development. This 15-session course has been created as an attempt to address these issues.

This course is also a vehicle for Dr. Neufeld to share the experiences and insights gleaned from his extensive experience as a psychotherapist covering a wide range of syndromes and conditions across the lifespan. He uses this opportunity to reflect back on his journey as a therapist with the theoretical lenses he developed in the process. He highlights cases from his own practice that illustrate the dynamics discussed.

The Practitioner Centre
Available via the Neufeld Virtual Campus

The Practitioner Centre is available to credentialed helping professionals who have completed foundational studies (Neufeld Intensive I, II, III, Science of Emotion,and Play 101) and are currently members of the Support Centre via the Neufeld Virtual Campus.

Each year, Dr. Neufeld hosts regularly scheduled Practitioner Master Classes where he examines case studies from an attachment-based developmental perspective; all who are part of the Practitioner Centre are invited to attend these live classes. The Practitioner Center also houses a rich library of previously recorded case studies and relevant study topics as presented by Dr. Neufeld over the last decade, all providing an exceptional opportunity for self-directed study and immersion while working through the library at one’s own pace.

Therapy Focus for Practitioners: One year program
Program Tuition: $1600

The ‘Therapy Focus for Practitioners’ is a one-year program offering credentialed helping professionals a supported opportunity to deeply explore and develop their philosophy and craft within an attachment-based developmental approach.

The ‘Therapy Focus for Practitioners’ program has prerequisites that include completion of foundational studies (Neufeld Intensive I, II, III, Science of Emotion,and Play 101), the advanced play courses (Play & Attachment, Play & Emotion), and completion of additional courses including Making Sense of: Preschoolers, Adolescence, Anxiety, and Resilience. Individuals must also be a current member of the Practitioner Centre via the Neufeld Virtual Campus.

Curriculum for the ‘Therapy Focus for Practitioners’ will include the online 15-week ‘Making Sense of Therapy Advanced Intensive’, participating in both the advanced and practitioner support portions which will offer teaching segments by Neufeld Faculty who are also practitioners with considerable expertise.

Students of the program will be part of a supported process to develop their own case study write-up utilizing a template as developed by Dr. Neufeld, to consider their case through an attachment-based developmental lens. The program will offer three group case study classes where individuals will be provided with feedback and guidance on their own individual case study and write-up, with the benefit of observing and participating in the case studies of fellow students in the program.

This program involves an application process. Details about entry requirements and the application process can be found inside the Practitioner Centre via the Neufeld Virtual Campus.

Parent Consultation Program: One year program
Program Tuition: $2000

The parent consulting approach, pioneered by Dr. Neufeld in Canada, helps children by working through their parents rather than directly with children. Parents thus receive the insight and support they need to become the answers to their children, working with a helping professional who has a deep understanding of an attachment-based developmental approach.

The ‘Parent Consultation Program’ is available to helping professionals (psychologists, pediatricians, social workers, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.), who are independently credentialed and in good standing with their own regulatory bodies, who would like support to develop this approach in their work. Admission requirements include completion of the one-year ‘Therapy Focus for Practitioners’ program offered by the Neufeld Institute. Please note that we only accept a small number of students into this program.

Curriculum for the ‘Parent Consultation Program’ is intensive and will include six group classes that involve a teaching segment with various Neufeld Faculty who have considerable expertise in the approach, as well as experiential exercises in parent consulting with each student acting as ‘parent’ and ‘parent consultant’ in turn. Students will also prepare for a case presentation with Dr. Neufeld in a scheduled Practitioner Master Class.

Previously recorded classes will be available for self-directed study, all covering important topics around ethics, approach, and working with specific dynamics.

Included in the program are two faculty consults, but students will also have the option to schedule additional consults (for a fee) if they desire additional support, extra focus on a topic, or to consult in developing their case presentation.

This program involves an application process. Details about entry requirements and the application process can be found inside the Practitioner Centre via the Neufeld Virtual Campus.


If you are interested in applying to a Practitioner Program and don’t yet have the prerequisite courses listed specifically for that program, please go to the ‘Courses’ page to locate, register, and complete the particular prerequisite courses you require.

If you do have the prerequisites, and have any questions about a particular Practitioner Program or how to apply, please contact Darlene Denis-Friske.