Graduates of our Foundational Studies are welcome to apply for Support Centre Membership. Acceptance is based on the satisfactory submission of the completion exercise described below. Some vetting may also be involved as we are quite protective of the heart of our campus with its liberal access to our people, resources, libraries, master classes with Dr. Neufeld, and so on. We need to have a degree of confidence as to how individuals are likely to use and represent our material.

The completion exercise is to demonstrate mastery of the material in the foundational studies. The assignment is to make sense of a child in your life (or alternatively, in literature) using the understandings gleaned from Foundational Studies. Please use essay style, aiming for 4-6 pages.

Please provide the names of three individuals we could contact for a reference, with at least one from within the Neufeld Institute and one from outside the Neufeld Institute.

Please forward the completion exercise along with your references, to the director of our Support Centre. If you have any questions, please send them through the inquiry feature of the website.