Helping Children Grow Up (Part II of the Power to Parent Series)

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How do we nurture our children and provide the necessary elements for growth? How do we remove the impediments to becoming their own persons? Building on the foundation of relationship in Part I of the series, The Vital Connection, this sequel focuses on how to help children realize their potential as human beings. Growing older is no guarantee of growing up. Childhood is when most of the growing up should occur but we need to know how to cultivate the maturing process. This course sheds light on the adult’s role in the miracle of maturation.The material is presented in such a way that engages parents while educating professionals as well. The videocourse consists of eight one-hour sessions. It is designed for both self and group study. The DVD format permits easy navigation and allows the videocourse to be viewed on ones personal computer, through the television set, or projected on a screen for small or large audience participation. Certification is required for group facilitation. The DVD set comes with a bonus Q&A disc that also includes an interview with Dr. Neufeld.

The video-course is designed for both self and group study. Certification is required for group facilitation.

This material is also available in Lecture Video format via streaming with a downloadable option. Consult the course page for more information.

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