Tracy Azevedo MA
Marriage and Family Therapist
Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Associate Faculty
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant
Tracy has worked with children and youth in various roles over the last twenty-plus years; as a mentor, youth leader, program director, educator, counsellor, and a mother. Coming alongside troubled children and youth, and equipping helping professionals and volunteers working with troubled children and youth to make sense of the children in their care continues to be a passion that brings life and meaning. 
Tracy has been married for over 31 years with two adult children, a son in love, and two delightful grandchildren. In the balance of life, spending time with family and friends, music, reading, cooking, and summer days at the lake are some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling free time moments. Relationship, connection and attachment deeply influence and inspire both personal and professional roles. 
Tracy facilitates Making Sense of Adolescence, Making Sense of Anxiety, and the Power to Parent Series. She offers consultation to parents and helping professionals regarding behavioural issues in children and youth. She works in private practice offering individual counselling for adolescents and adults. She course assists in educating Counsellors in graduate study. Tracy has a passion for helping adults understand children in their care, supporting adolescents in the transition to adulthood, and coming alongside parents in the journey of parent hood. 
As a music educator of children ages 5 -13 for many years, Tracy combines her knowledge in music and attachment based development offering workshops on the power of play using music to facilitate connection and learning with children in assisting educators, helping professional, or adults with children in their care.