Robin Brooks-Sherriff, BN
Community Health Nurse and Educator
Calgary, Alberta
Course Facilitator

Robin is a Registered Nurse in Calgary where she has worked in various capacities with families and clients for over 24 years. Both as a nurse and as a mother of a teenage daughter she has been tremendously impacted by Dr Neufeld’s paradigm since she happened upon it 11 years ago. In particular the Adolescence material has informed her current work with teens and young adults in regards to their sexual health. The insight into the emotionally intense adolescent years gained through Dr. Neufeld’s approach is immensely helpful when offering a guiding hand through the maze our teens and their families face. Robin has completed the two year Facilitator Training Program with the Neufeld Institute and is now in faculty internship.

Robin offers Making Sense of Adolescence and Adolescence and Sexuality to interested parent groups. She also offers presentations to parents or adults in charge of teens on adolescent sexuality. With her combination of experience helping teenagers deal with the very real consequences of our hyper-sexualized and peer oriented culture and the insights of the Neufeld paradigm, Robin offers a unique and often humorous approach to a challenging topic.