Eli, Israel
Course Facilitator

Moshe Shmuelyan studies at Bnei David, an institute of higher learning for religious studies and philosphy, and works in the field of education at the high school level.

When Moshe participated in the Intensive One and Intensive Two, he was drawn into the learning more deeply and became committed to forward the insights to parents and teachers.  He sees the need to continue studying the Neufeld Paradigm in depth in order to bring the development-attachment approach to parents and teachers instead of the popular behavioral approach.

Moshe lives in the north of Israel near Tiberias with his wife and four children. He hopes to suceed in his effort to contribute to effect change in the way that parents and teachers see the children in their charge.  

Moshe Shmuelyan facilitates Part 1, The Vital Connection of Power to Parent, and Part 2, Helping Children Grow Up.