Maria Schmidt
Kaarst, Germany
Course Facilitator

Being the sixth of eight children (four brothers and three sisters), I had a wonderful childhood, being and feeling loved by my parents. My father was tax consulter and my mother was teacher (she had studied Philosophy and Theology). In the meantime, I am a proud aunt and grand aunt of 25 kids from one year up to 35 years - two twin couples included. I always wanted to have many children like my parents and dreamed of about five. Having no own (biological) children I feel spiritual mother of many since I started a Kids Project in 2001. More than thousand children attended in the meantime and to many of them (and, of course, to their parents) I still do have good and warm contact. My beloved husband Stephan died in January 2013.

Background: Chamber of Commerce Certified English correspondent, one year of economic studies at Cologne University, then 15 years in sales and marketing.