Ps. María Alicia Halcartegaray PhD
Clinical and Educational Psychology
Santiago, Chile
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant

María Alicia is a mother of five boys. She is an Educational and Clinical Psychologist with more than 32 years of experience as a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Parent Consultant. She also works with schools as a consultant in the Educational arena. As a part of this work she coaches schools, working with Principals and their teams, along with delivering courses for teachers and parents.She is the founder and Director of the Centro de Neuroeducación (CENED) in Santiago, Chile. Initially the work was focussed on children with ADD, but it has expanded to include troubled children and adolescents - working with them, as well as their parents and teachers, to restore relationships with the caring and responsible adults in their lives.

Maria Alicia delivers the courses "Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection, Intensive I," New Intensive II: The Separation Complex"and "The Teachability Factor".