Laila Presotto, MA Psych, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor)
North Vancouver , British Columbia
Course Facilitator
Laila Presotto holds an M.A. in Counselling Psychology, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor whose passion and enthusiasm for the material shows in her commitment to helping parents and professionals understand the children in their lives from the inside out.

Laila offers the following video courses:

The Complete Power To Parent series: Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection; Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent III: Common Challenges.

Making Sense Of Adolescence

Bullies: Their Making And Unmaking

Making Sense Of Aggression

Making Sense Of Counterwill (Resistance)

Making Sense Of Anxiety In Children And Youth

Making Sense Of Discipline In Children And Youth

Alpha Children

Please contact Laila for more details about upcoming courses.