Ken Boschman
Registered Psychologist
Professional Associate of the Neufeld Institute
Leduc , Alberta
Course Facilitator

Ken Boschman is a registered psychologist who recently retired from Black Gold Regional Schools in Alberta. He is presently engaged in private practice work with Cornerstone Counselling Centre in Edmonton and Karunia Counselling in Leduc. Ken finds that the Neufeld approach explains most of what has worked, or not worked, in his relationships with children over the years. After completing a two year internship with Dr. Neufeld, Ken was designated a Professional Associate of the Neufeld Institute.

Ken is available to offer both courses and presentations to a broad range of groups including parents, educators, and other helping professionals. Ken brings three decades of experience as a teacher, counsellor, principal, and jurisdiction administrator to his current work as an educational psychologist applying the Neufeld approach. He is able to solve problems, and provide advice that finds a way around conflicting or competing demands/circumstances so that staff and students can be set up for success. The common thread in all Ken's work is restoring heart and right relationships to education so that teaching, learning, and maturation are free to flourish.