Kaye McKean, M Social Welfare,
PG Dip Guidance, PG Dip Teaching, B Ministry
Auckland, New Zealand
Course Facilitator

Kaye McKean is a secondary school teacher, guidance counsellor, teacher & parent consultant and mother of 4. An advocate of developmental and attachment based approaches to teaching and parenting, she is eager to bring these insights to New Zealand parents and educators. Kaye has recently completed a research based Masters degree in Social Welfare at Otago University using a Neufeld approach to Teachability in her thesis.

Kaye is able to offer as presentations:

  • Teachability Factor
  • Making Sense of Attention Problems

And as a video course facilitator:

  • Power to Parent I: Vital Connection; Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent III:Common Challenges
  • Making Sense of Attention Problems
  • Making Sense of Counterwill
  • Bullies: Their Making and Unmaking
  • Making Sense of Aggression

Kaye has presented to community & church groups, early childhood centres & secondary schools. Mostly the workshops are contracted by a specific group which promotes them to their own clients, but from time to time she runs publicly advertised workshops, depending on demand.