Isa Noethen
Tutzing, Germany
Course Facilitator

Isa has often looked after children of relatives and friends. As a mother of a daughter with problems of physical and mental development as well as of high sensitivity, for 20 years, she has been quite intensively involved with issues of growth and maturity. Isa received a law degree in 1982, working for a global fashion company until the birth of her daughter. In 2003, when her daughter needed intensive physiotherapy, she took a 2-year training program to become a Myoreflex therapist.

It was Dr. Neufeld's book that transformed her parenting practices, providing much-needed insight to her special needs daughter. The knowledge reconnected her with her own intuition and provided the strength to stand-up to the pressures of well-meaning frends and therapists. The Neufeld approach with its profound truth has changed her world outlook dramatically and re-shaped her family.