Iren Matsenko
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Course Facilitator

Iren is the Director of Studies on the Russian campus, she supports the Russian speaking facilitators-in-training. She is highly involved in the development of the Russian division of the Neufeld institute by helping spread the word to larger audiences in her native language. Since she first learned about parenting based on Neufeld approach, she started supporting other parents in their efforts to become their children’s best bet. Iren holds parent support groups in her home city Chelyabinsk. Since 2011, she is one of the main moderators of the large parent online community ‘Caring Alpha’ for the Russian speaking auditory. Iren teaches courses and provides talks to parents with an inspiration to help them make sense of their children. As certified counsellor she offers onsite and online consultations to parents regarding development, behaviour and wellbeing of their children (both in Russian and English). Iren translates various materials (courses, slides, articles etc.) on the Neufeld approach into Russian, she also served as translation editor for the second edition of Gordon Neufeld's book 'Hold On to Your Kids' and for Deborah MacNamara's book 'Rest Play Grow'. She is passionate about this approach, and lives it out in everyday life with her three daughters (her own and adopted).

Iren is a Neufeld Faculty since 2019 and an authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator. She delivers courses and presentations in Russian on various Neufeld course topics, such as Preschoolers, Alpha, Bullying, Aggression, Digital World, Resilience, etc.