Eugena Maguire
Registered Social Worker
Millet, Alberta
Course Facilitator

Eugena Maguire is a social worker, Neufeld course facilitator and former foster parent. She has been studying the Neufeld paradigm since 2013 and has implemented it into both her practice with families and her everyday life. Formerly with an office in a K-9 school, Eugena has a keen interest in inspiring educators and holds the vision for a world where, as Urie Brofenbrenner stated, all children have “at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about [them].” Eugena currently works as a generalist community social worker and lives in Edmonton where she and her wife are a support home provider to an adult with a developmental disability and diagnosis of autism. In her spare time Eugena enjoys writing poetry, travelling, event organizing and connecting to nature. She finds play through learning and is a self-proclaimed children’s book enthusiast. Eugena is passionate about working with 2LGBTIQ families and children. She also has a vested interest in supporting clients through grief, including loss related to suicide, as well as helping parents navigate co-parenting dynamics.

Eugena offers in-person and online workshops for parents, educators and any adults who are passionate about making sense of children.

For more information, please visit her website:

Eugena is authorized and available to facilitate the following Neufeld courses:

Making Sense of Anxiety

Making Sense of Aggression

Alpha Children