Elana Strobinsky
Alei Zahav, Israel
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant
Elana Strobinsky is a psychologist working in schools and a private clinic in Israel, with children, youth, parents and educators. Elana is a faculty member with the Neufeld Institute since 2014, is co-managing the Hebrew language program and overseeing the development of the Neufeld Institute in Israel. Elana’s main passion is supporting adults in their different roles with children in their care, with the goal of creating a restful, playful and patient environment that allows for growth to unfold naturally. While Elana finds great satisfaction in the many projects she’s involved in, the bulk of her learning and most delight comes from her 5 children, who provide her with many opportunities for understanding children from the inside-out and a daily reminder of the utmost importance of relationships for children and parents alike.

Elana provides private counselling onsite and online for parents and educators, as well as onsite counselling for adolescence. Elana facilitates the various Neufeld Institute courses in Israel: private homes, preschools and community centres. A private track is also being offered, in which participants can view the course videos online and receive private support for further learning and implementation of material.