Denise Findlay, M.Ed.
Educator, Coach and Consultant
West Vancouver, British Columbia
Course Facilitator

Denise is a bi-cultural woman who belongs to the Squamish Nation. She is a Neufeld Facilitator and Parent Coach dedicated to supporting adults to make sense of children. Denise works extensively with First Nations in British Columbia and other parts of Canada and is a wife and mother to two highly sensitive, intense and bright boys. Denise’s passion for the Neufeld approach was ignited when she sought support as a parent and experienced Dr. Neufeld’s teachings to be in complete alignment with her deepest intuitions about parenting. Denise has been able to share her insights with parents in the First Nations community to empower them to be their child’s best bet and to look to traditional approaches to parenting that focus on attachment and life long, whole person development. Denise works with all adults wanting to make sense of children and youth using Dr. Neufeld’s insight and evidence based model of attachment and development to tease apart complex issues. Denise has experience training Educators, Parents and Parent Groups, Social Workers, Early Childhood Educators, Mental Health Practitioners and other Helping Professionals.

Denise provides coaching and consulting services to adults who are feeling challenged or at a loss regarding difficulties with their child?s behaviour and/or learning. Her approach is based in Dr. Neufeld?s Developmental Attachment Theory which is an integration of developmental science, attachment science, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and traditional life ways.

What is the goal of coaching/consulting?

The goal of engaging in Parent Coaching/Consulting is to support adults to take their rightful place in the lives of the children they are responsible so that they can affect change in the home or classroom. The focus of the sessions is on factors such as the child?s attachments, vulnerability and maturation and what the parent can do in the context of the relationship to make have a positive impact.

Denise is authorized to teach specific Neufeld material and regularly presents to parents, child care providers, educators, and other helping professionals.

The underlying aim of all presentations and courses is to help adults make sense of kids, especially when dealing with emotional, behavioral and/or learning issues. Presentations and courses focus on illuminating underlying issues and empowering adults to respond in a way that deepens the relationship and ensures healthy development.

Presentations include:

? Parenting Through Difficult Times
? Parenting A Sensitive, Intense or Gifted Child
? Raising Children in a Digital World
? The ABC?s of Growing Up
? It Takes a Village?Sharing Traditional Wisdom
? The Story of Siwash Rock?The Sacred Journey of Becoming a Squamish Parent
? Raising the Next Generation: Transforming The Legacy of Residential School

Authorized Neufeld Courses include:

? The Art and Science of Transplanting Children
? Making Sense of Aggression
? Raising Children In A Digital World
? The Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection
? The Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow
? The Power to Parent III: Common Challenges
? The Attachment Puzzle