Andrea Dyck
Certified Childbirth Educator and coach
Steinbach, Manitoba
Course Facilitator
Andrea Dyck holds a MA in Counselling Psychology. She is a professional counselling therapist (CCC) and certified childbirth educator. Andrea is passionate about the Neufeld approach. Grateful for the way this insight has supported her own family story, she enjoys coming alongside parents in their journeys to support their children. Andrea applies this understanding of relationship and development both to supporting parents as well as emotional well-being for people of all ages in her counselling practice. She sees therapy as a relational support for the natural healing and growth process. Andrea lives in Manitoba and is married with three children, two of whom are young adults.

Andrea facilitates the following courses for groups:

  • Power to Parent 1: The Vital Connection
  • Power to Parent 2: Helping Children Grow Up
  • Making Sense of Anxiety
  • Making Sense of Adolescence
  • Making Sense of Resilience
  • Alpha Children