Anna-Marie is a writer, librarian and adventure seeker. One of her adventures is working with us.

Shauna is a mother to three and new grandmother to one;  she uses her seasoned mother instincts to take care of those who come calling.

Celena is a mother and the kind of assistant that makes you wonder how you could have done without. She also works with our international directors to help interface with our organization.

Braden is an engineer by training and an inventor in spirit. He is responsible for capturing our essence and displaying it on the web.

Roderick is a biologist by training, who has been involved in programming for over 30 years. He is responsible for creating and maintaining our technical infrastructure

Joy is a retired school teacher and in many ways the heart of the Neufeld Institute. She is the one responsible for taking care of Gordon. She also takes care of the staff and oversees the myriad of inquiries coming in from our website.

Ria is a bookkeeper by trade and mother of two adult children. She takes care of fixing our books and managing our sales.

Bria is a high-school teacher by day and mother of two all the time. In her spare time she takes care of processing registrations and handling campus access for our students.

Genevieve came to us with a graduate degree in international relations. She oversees our certification and diploma programs for course facilitators as well as manages Dr. Neufeld’s schedule and engagements.

Tamara is a counsellor by training, farmer by choice, with two teenage daughters to keep her on her toes. She oversees all things to do with our campus and our courses, including course development and delivery.

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