Yes, indeed! The amount of material and the number of languages is growing monthly. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful group of international faculty who are dedicated to making this material available in their own languages. In each of the languages where we have an international director, we also have a supporting Neufeld Institute website – French, GermanSpanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian,and Polish. We also have a Dutch website although we do not yet have a faculty member there. For future reference, you will find these websites on the home page of this website in the top left hand corner. Please check these websites for the materials available in that language. Some of these languages also have their own YouTube and Facebook accounts.

The book – Hold On To Your Kids – is translated or is being translated into over twenty languages. Please consult the book page and in particular the translations section, to see if the language you are inquiring after is available and where to order the book. We do not sell these books ourselves.

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