Theoretically the answer is ‘yes’, however, Dr. Neufeld is only able to accept precious few of the many generous invitations he receives. Practically it depends very much on whether it fits with Dr. Neufeld’s priorities and availability. He gives highest priority to invitations that have the greatest reach and where there are already Neufeld Institute Faculty and Facilitators to provide assistance and follow-up.

Since 2020, Dr. Neufeld no longer travels for in-person engagements. For online engagements, he uses a home-based studio set up where he is filmed beside a monitor that displays his slides, suitable for both live-streamed events and pre-recorded events.

  • The first step is to make an inquiry through the website inquiry featureplease include as much detail as possible to expedite your request. You may be asked for more information to help her in processing the invitation.
  • If Dr. Neufeld is not able to accept, he can recommend a Neufeld faculty member who may be a suitable candidate to present to your group, but please indicate if you are open to this option. We do have a great group of faculty, many of whom are also gifted speakers, and all of whom have studied intensely with Dr. Neufeld and mastered the attachment-based developmental approach. Please follow the same process as above – making your request through the inquiry feature – and we’ll do our best to match you up.

Dr. Neufeld no longer can accept invitations from single school-based parent groups or school-based professional development for teachers, however, the Neufeld Institute’s Education Hub,  IDEA Centre for Educators, regularly accepts these type of invitations. Please inquire through the IDEA Centre website.

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