Neufeld Institute Conference Store

Visit the Neufeld Store to purchase DVDs and books throughout the conference.

On-Site Specials: On-Site at the Neufeld Store, conference attendees can purchase the following three DVDs for 40% off our retail pricing:

  • Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion DVD
    $75 (usually $125 retail and $105 on site)
  • Making Sense of Anxiety DVD*
    $54 (usually $90 retail and $75 on site)
  • Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
    10th anniversary edition of Dr. Neufeld’s best-selling book, featuring two new chapters on parenting in a digital world.
    $15 (usually $24 retail and $20 on site)

We offer an on-site discount on all other DVDs of 20% to 25% for conference attendees. Taxes are included in all on-site pricing, so it is a great time to purchase the Neufeld Institute’s materials.

  • Power to Parent Series
    • Part I: The Vital Connection*
    • Part II: Helping Children Grow Up*
    • Part III: Common Challenges
  • Making Sense of Attention Problems
  • Bullies: Their Making and Unmaking*
  • Making Sense of Counterwill
  • Making Sense of Adolescence*
  • Alpha Children*
  • Adolescence and Sexuality*
  • Making Sense of Aggression
  • Making Sense of Discipline
  • Making Sense of Anxiety*
  • Raising Children in a Digital World
  • Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One), by Dr. Deborah MacNamara
  • The Sorry Plane, by Dr. Deborah MacNamara

* DVDs also available in French.

Continuing Education Table

Visit our Continuing Education Manager, Bria, at the Continuing Education table to find out more about our 20+ courses and the many benefits offered by enrolling in an upcoming course, such as access to our virtual campus, professionally filmed videos of Dr. Neufeld’s teaching, study guides, supplemental resources, discussion forums, and certificates of attendance. What’s more, register for Continuing Education courses while you’re at the conference and receive the accompanying DVD (if applicable) at no extra cost (a savings of $50 – $100).

Don’t miss Vancouver Kidsbooks’ portable conference bookstore for a wide selection of children’s books that resonate with the Neufeld material, carefully reviewed and selected by the Neufeld Institute.