Dr. Richard Bolduc, C.Psych.
Psychologist / Mental Health & Well-Being Lead
Ottawa, Ontario
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant
Richard completed his M.Sc in criminology at Université de Montréal and then pursued his Ph.D. in psychology at McGill University. He became a Registered Psychologist in both Québec and Ontario. Richard has worked in prisons, hospitals, youth protection services and in various other organizations. He began working with children and parents in schools in 2002, and private practice since 2006. Richard has been a Psychologist in School Boards for over 20 years and is currently serving as a Board Mental Health and Well-Being Lead since 2020. 
Richard has always been drawn to understand family system theories and relationship dynamics while focussing on the intricacies of languages and cultures in his helping role. Through both his school board and private practice experiences he has been in service to families in Eastern Ontario and across Canada. Richard is drawn to help families in need and his focus is at exploring concepts of vulnerability and the expression of human emotions. He feels that an understanding of sensitivity and respect of an individual`s expression of feelings is crucial in the development of all relationships. 
Richard works from a culturally affirming lens with families while respecting equity, diversity and Inclusion perspectives. He currently lives in Ottawa and is passionate about forwarding the attachment-based developmental approach that has added depth and enrichment to his work as a helping professional, in promoting safety in schools as a leader, as a loving husband and a father of two adolescent sons. 
Richard est un psychologue clinicien et un lead en santé mentale dans une commission scolaire comptant plus de vingt-cinq années d`expérience (enfants, adultes, familles) dans les régions de Montréal et Ottawa. Richard offre des services de consultation parentale, de thérapie individuelle, et de développement professionnel en fonction de l`Approche Neufeld au sein de sa pratique privée. Richard applique également l`Approche Neufeld dans son rôle de parent.
Richard has and can facilitate two courses with the Neufeld Institute. These are Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection and Teachability Factor. He is available to parents who are seeking family consultation and provides direct services to adults seeking an understanding regarding their child/youth development. 
Richard peut offrir des services comme consultant parental, offrir des cours en ligne et à distance, ateliers et présentations sur différents cours de l`approche Neufeld tels que: Les connections vitales et Les facteurs de l`enseignabilité, La science des émotions, etc. SVP veuillez communiquer avec lui par courriel pour plus d`informations.